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.This section is provided to give you some information about me.

     My Name is Andy, I'm 20 and live in a small town just outside Harrisburg, Pa.  I work for TSR, a contractor in the technical field.  I am currently working on location in Mechanicsburg.   I am a PC Specialist.

     When I am not at work, I am living at my girls (Brandi) house.  She consumes much of my time, and I wouldnt have it any other way.  The Subaru does not get as many miles now-a-days, as I am not constantly cruising the circuit and the town of Carlisle anymore.  Those days appear to be over, which is good for me, my car, my wallet and my new tires.   The Impreza will be getting a complete exterior detail in the begining of June, and from then on, its a strictly onroad machine for awhile.

     I became a member of the I-Club in late January.   Since then, I have met many many other impreza owners online just like me, and had a chance to meet some of them in person at Carlisle's car show in late May.  Some are young, some old.  Some wrench heads, some not.  Either way, all but 1 so far have been great to know, friendly informative, and somewhat humorous at times.   If you own a Subaru of any model or year, feel free to join the club at impreza-rs.com.  Even if you dont own one, you can still be a "lurker" on the board.