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April 15th, 2000

Rockwall, TX - Focusing on the growing North American Subaru enthusiast
community, Cobb Tuning develops high quality performance products to owners
of late model Subaru Imprezas, Legacys, and Foresters. While interest in
Subaru vehicles as a performance platform is extremely strong elsewhere in
the world, the North American market is just now awaking to their potential.

"There is an incredible amount of aftermarket support for Subaru's everyone
else in the world which in turn has helped promote the sales of Subaru
vehicles.", states Trey Cobb, founder of Cobb Tuning. "Our focus is to do
the same for the North American market by offering products built here in
the United States specifically for the North American vehicles."

With Subaru's most highly sought after car, the highly acclaimed Impreza
WRX, coming for the first time to North America in the middle of 2001, the
aftermarket demand for Subaru performance parts is expected to substantially
increase. Subaru has also recently released a 3.0L Flat 6 cylinder engine
for use in their top of the line Legacy Outback which offers enormous
performance potential.

Already the leading importer/supplier of STi (Subaru of Japan's performance
division) parts in America, Cobb Tuning's primary focus is on manufacturing
their own line of specialty parts designed for the North American models.
Cobb Tuning also plans on offering limited edition 'Cobb Tuned' versions of
the Impreza, Legacy and Forester available through select Subaru dealerships
in North America.

Motorsport activity is also planned to be used as a testbed for new
products. Cobb Tuning currently sponsors many SCCA Solo 2 national
competitors and are in talks with a few SCCA Pro Rally teams as well as
racers in the growing Import Drag racing circuit.

Cobb Tuning operates out of their 7,000 sq.ft. facility located in scenic
Rockwall, Texas, a suburb of Dallas, Texas. Hours of operation are from 9am
till 6pm Monday through Friday and 9am till 1pm on Saturdays.

Contact Information:

Cobb Tuning
2205 State Hwy 276
Rockwall, TX 75032 USA

Ph: +1 972-771-1555
Fax: +1 972-722-1810

Web: http://www.cobbtuning.com
E-mail: sales@cobbtuning.com

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